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Diets always start on Monday, right?

Don't mind if I do...

Every time I close my eyes, the room spins a bit and I have a flashback to the litre of red wine I insisted on ordering at the restaurant last night. Ugh. This in turn reminds me of how not only did I have a wedge of fried cheese as a starter, but I also needed, yes, needed to have that big slab of toffee and apple cake after my main course. Not even when the man next to me joked, “You’re gonna get fat if you eat all that”, did I stop spooning the Brakes Brothers stodge into my mouth.

So now it’s Sunday morning. My head stings, my mouth is dry and all I can think about is buttered toast. As I sit here typing in my full gym getup, I’m struggling to find the strength to even look at my kettlebells because I know if they had eyes they’d be  rolling them. In fact, it’s been so long since I’ve used them that there is a very fine spiders web linking two of the handles together. Plus, Chris isn’t feeling well and I’d hate to start making lots of noise when he’s poorly. That would definitely be inconsiderate, right? Damnit. I just asked him if he would mind if I did a workout and he said he doesn’t. And the girl downstairs moved out last week so I can’t even use her as an excuse. There is no getting around this one. But, I feel horrible. I don’t want to make myself ill. Plus, Sunday is Gods day, the day of rest. That’s it decided. I’ll start my new fitness regime tomorrow. After work I’ll head to the gym and give it laldy on those kettlebells before sneaking off for a relaxing jacuzzi.

It goes without saying that this has now moved onto my next whim. What’s the point of starting a diet on a Sunday? Diets should always start on a Monday. It’s like, the golden rule of dieting. On saying that, I’m planning to have a baked sweet potato with cottage cheese and salad for dinner and that is perfectly healthy. Mind you, the Asda mince pies which I needed, yes NEEDED, to buy are first in line for a cheeky X Factor snack. But it’s okay, because the diet starts tomorrow. On Monday.

Okay, so I just read that back and I can’t believe how negative I sound, and on my first post! Therefore, seeing as I am already wearing my gym gear, I may as well do something. I’ll set my gymboss to 40 effort 20 rest and do three sets of  swings, squats, and presses. It’ll only take 12 minutes and I’ll feel better once I’ve done it. Ready, set, GO!

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