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Slow carb dieting with Tim Ferriss and The Four Hour Body

If you’re a fan of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, you may have picked up the Four Hour Body references. You may also have wondered what they’re all about. If so, you’re about to have your mind officially blown.

The Four Hour Body is a book by the legend of time management Mr Tim Ferriss. The book contains everything from how to perfect your sex life, to the ins and outs of ice baths. Dang! But for the majority of people who read this book, they do so for the infamous Slow Carb Diet.

This style of eating is mind boggling. I’ve used this diet on several occasions. Usually when I have limited time to fit into a bikini. In a nutshell, the Slow Carb diet requires you to eat low carbohydrate vegetables, lean protein, eggs and legumes for six days. No sugar whatsoever! This is followed by the elusive and all important cheat day. A day where you can eat chocolate for lunch and cake for dinner. This is then followed by another six days of hardcore bean action. You get the idea.

But is it a diet which can be a lifestyle? Or is it another fad?

The best thing about Slow Carbing is how quick you notice the weightloss. The largest amount of fat loss comes in the first week. The last time I did it, I lost nine pounds in a week. Secondly, you get a flat stomach very quickly. The lack of complex carbs means you don’t bloat and also helps reduce water retention. You’re also never hungry. By filling up on healthy, low sugar foods, your appetite diminishes. Another benefit is being allowed two small glasses of red wine a night. This a big deal as most other diets completely restrict alcohol which I find boring.

It’s not all good news, unfortunately. The start of Slow Carbing will bring headaches and lethargy from the sugar comedown. Expect the first few days to be pretty awful. Slow Carb also means you can’t have that lovely piece of Birthday cake at work because it’s not your cheat day. Also, with Slow Carb comes ketosis and bad breath, so be mindful of how close you stand to others. The lack of carbs also creates havoc in your belly so be aware that constipation may be imminent.

Another important factor to consider is the lack of exercise. Tim recommends no exercise but if you *have* to do something, you should opt for three 30 minute sessions per week. No more. This is either a good or bad thing, depending on your current lifestyle.

For me, the Slow Carb diet is genius. It’s great for fitting into that special dress, or for the two weeks before your holiday. Sadly, it’s not something I’ve ever been able to sustain for longer than a month due to the restrictive nature, and after a while, I stop losing weight. But all in all, the diet works and the results are pretty outstanding

Have you ever tried the Slow Carb diet? What results have you had?

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  1. Meredith Kemp-Ghani

    I’m doing 4HB and I believe it’s sustainable on the constipation front as there are plenty of legumes to eat plus the cheat day. I’ve lost 3 stone on Dukan before and the tablespoon of oat bran and fibre tablets are not enough to move through the gut. Now, THAT’S constipation!(Like passing bunches of grapes made of concrete!) I had to give it up and put the weight back on but am now on 4HB going through the same weight loss pattern as Dukan without the pain (and with a happy gut!) I’m so happy to have discovered that 4HB exists!!