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Handy Guide to Hand Cream

Dry hands are something I struggle with in winter every year. From that tight feeling when you flex those fingers, to full on dry, unsightly knuckle patches. For me, there’s no getting away from it. As those cold, dark nights draw in, and the Birkenstocks are thrown in the wardrobe for next year, I wrap up warm and head to Boots for lotions and potions to perk up those pinkies.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s July. Lissa, why are you wishing away our summer? Well, currently the rain is dripping down the windows and the sky has been replaced with murky grey so I don’t feel very summery. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some lovely weather this year but my hands seemingly disagree, evident by the various hand creams in every room of our house. Maybe the humidity is drying them out? Who knows. All I know is I’ve always got something close by for those crispy moments. So here’s a quick run down of the different hand potions I use daily.

My ultimate handbag cream is Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, a special birthday gift from my lovely friend Becci. A little touch of luxury, it’s my favourite cream to have on hand at all times. On hand… get it? This stuff is a dream as it’s moisturising without being greasy and it smells blooming fantastic. It also strengthens nails and targets age spots. What more can you want? I do to have to reapply more frequently than other creams but there’s no doubt this stuff is great.

Hand cream at work is a must and I mix between two every day. The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector is the kind daddy for soothing dry, chapped hands. I keep this in my little work basket as the air conditioning in the building dries my hands out so badly. A little goes a long way as it can be quite greasy but it really puts the moisture back into your fingers. The smell isn’t the nicest but the ‘hemp’ in the title might give that away. Get it when it’s on offer for a beauty bargain.

Another gem I keep at work is Molton Brown Replenishing Hand Cream in Pink Pepperpod. At £10 for 40ml this is a little on the pricey side and I’d love to say you can use it sparingly but you do need a good squeeze to give those hands some TLC. It smells divine, and I tend to use it in rotation with the Hemp Hand Protector because it’s not the most moisturising of creams, but it does give you hands a little sip and keeps them soft without being greasy.

I’m terrible for using bleach sprays without wearing rubber gloves. I know, it’s bad. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Concentrated Hand Cream is less of a cream and more of a glycerine gel and it lives on my kitchen windowsill. You only need a teeny tiny dab of this stuff because it is greasy, but boy, it’s great. It instantly relieves that that tight feeling after you’ve done the dishes. I only tend to dab this on my knuckles and rub the back of my hands together because afterwards I tend to plonk my bum on the sofa and reach for another cream…

I bought The Harassed Cook Hand Cream from the gift shop at Castle Howard as I loved the solid little glass tub. It has a lovely sandalwood scent which I find quite calming and it lives on the little table next my side of the couch for easy access. I use this after the Neutrogena concentrated formula to moisturise the rest of my hands. A little goes a long way, so don’t be tempted to scoop. Perhaps it’s a little gimmicky, but I love it.

Aveeno Hand Cream is probably my longest running hand cream relationship and I have about five bottles strewn around the house. Great for eczema, this oatmeal moisturiser is really, really lovely. It’s not greasy in the slightest, and sinks into hands fast leaving you with smooth, soft and supple mitts. It says it on the bottle, but I can vouch for it lasting through hand washing. I used to use this all the time but I had to stop because it comes off on your clothes. In winter, my tights would be covered in it from pulling them up. Not very attractive. Not wanting to give it up altogether, this cream now resides next to my bed and moisturises my hands all night long.

My top tip for applying hand cream is to apply it on the back of one hand and rub the backs of your hands together. If you need some moisture on your palms, sweep them over the backs for a little bit of moisture without the greasy feel.

What hand cream can’t you live without?

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