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Morphe 35W eyeshadow palette : A Review

Morphe 35W palette


I’m scared of eyeshadow. I never quite look like the girls on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Instagram and, when I create a dramatic eye, it’s often more Halloween than Hollywood. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the worst, but my lack of skill means I play it safe.

What’s in my makeup bag

It’s been a long time. Let’s leave it at that.

Sunshine always gives me motivation. I don’t know why, it just does. So, after emptying my makeup bag on the floor for an Instagram snap (standard), I thought I’d go a step further and blog about what’s inside.

Summer favourites

Welcome to my favourite time of year. Autumn seriously rocks. I’ve packed away my Maxi’s and boxed my Birkenstocks in favour of woolly jumpers and 100 denier tights. Everything about this beautiful season excites me. Burgundy lipsticks, sparkly dresses, leather boots, hearty casseroles, and the impending thoughts of Christmas Markets turn me into a fuzzy, festive frump!

Handy Guide to Hand Cream

Dry hands are something I struggle with in winter every year. From that tight feeling when you flex those fingers, to full on dry, unsightly knuckle patches. For me, there’s no getting away from it. As those cold, dark nights draw in, and the Birkenstocks are thrown in the wardrobe for next year, I wrap up warm and head to Boots for lotions and potions to perk up those pinkies.


Get Beautiful with Coconut Oil

Everyone knows how amazing coconut oil is for your health. The ultimate superfood, coconut oil is full of healthy saturated fats which are great for weight loss, brain activity and digestive health. And that’s only a few select benefits. Cocounut oil is a staple in my diet. Spread on toast, mixed into porridge or as a cooking replacement, it tastes great and you know it’s doing you good.

My love of coconut oil doesn’t end in the kitchen. A large tub has pride of place on my bathroom windowsill and here are four very good reasons why.


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