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Get in the festival spirit – Strawberry vodka and raspberry gin

This is the first in a series of festival-y posts leading up to the best festival in the world – Glastonbury. The beginning of May is about the time my excitement about our annual jaunt to Pilton, Somerset reaches ridiculous heights. Itching to do something ‘festival-y’, Chris and I usually end up in Asda with a trolley full of vodka and gin. It’s time to make some flavoured spirits!

Flavoured spirits are great for festivals for a few reasons:


For the Love of Protein

Eggs are a great source of protein

Protein is a vital food group which a lot of people forget they need. Protein is important for muscle repair after a workout as it feeds your muscle, helping them grow and keeping you lean.

Nothing burns fat more than muscle, and nothing builds muscle better than protein.

You can get good protein from leans cuts of meat, eggs, lentils, legumes (nuts) and milks.

Top tip from Ketllebelle is to look at each of your meals and snacks and think:

‘Is there protein in this?’

No? Add some! A couple of almonds to your brekkie, a hard boiled egg as an afternoon snack and some lentils in your soup. It’s easier than you think and you’ll reap the benefits.


Snacking is a big part of my diet. I’m a grazer by nature and I always have to make sure that I have healthy snacks to keep me going. I always try and limit these to >100 calories and high protein where possible. Par example…

Celery and cottage cheese
Carrot sticks with bean salsa
Protein shake made with cold water (I use Reflex Whey Chocolate from myprotein.com)
15g cashews or almonds
Small Braeburn with 10g almond butter

You’ll be surprised how much they fill you up!