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Get in the festival spirit – Strawberry vodka and raspberry gin

This is the first in a series of festival-y posts leading up to the best festival in the world – Glastonbury. The beginning of May is about the time my excitement about our annual jaunt to Pilton, Somerset reaches ridiculous heights. Itching to do something ‘festival-y’, Chris and I usually end up in Asda with a trolley full of vodka and gin. It’s time to make some flavoured spirits!

Flavoured spirits are great for festivals for a few reasons:


Festival Beauty Essentials: Four loves and one epic fail.

Every year at Glastonbury my beauty essentials list changes. Maybe my skin changes? My habits? Perhaps it’s the weather. Who knows. Each year I always make some superb beauty choices, and I pretty much always curse myself for making a couple of oversights. D’oh. And let’s not forget the one thing I pack every year for Glastonbury but never use. So here are the beauty buys which carried me through Glastonbury, and the dreaded waste of space product I vow never to pack again.