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Get Beautiful with Coconut Oil

Everyone knows how amazing coconut oil is for your health. The ultimate superfood, coconut oil is full of healthy saturated fats which are great for weight loss, brain activity and digestive health. And that’s only a few select benefits. Cocounut oil is a staple in my diet. Spread on toast, mixed into porridge or as a cooking replacement, it tastes great and you know it’s doing you good.

My love of coconut oil doesn’t end in the kitchen. A large tub has pride of place on my bathroom windowsill and here are four very good reasons why.


Slow carb dieting with Tim Ferriss and The Four Hour Body

If you’re a fan of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, you may have picked up the Four Hour Body references. You may also have wondered what they’re all about. If so, you’re about to have your mind officially blown.

The Four Hour Body is a book by the legend of time management Mr Tim Ferriss. The book contains everything from how to perfect your sex life, to the ins and outs of ice baths. Dang! But for the majority of people who read this book, they do so for the infamous Slow Carb Diet.

This style of eating is mind boggling. I’ve used this diet on several occasions. Usually when I have limited time to fit into a bikini. In a nutshell, the Slow Carb diet requires you to eat low carbohydrate vegetables, lean protein, eggs and legumes for six days. No sugar whatsoever! This is followed by the elusive and all important cheat day. A day where you can eat chocolate for lunch and cake for dinner. This is then followed by another six days of hardcore bean action. You get the idea.

But is it a diet which can be a lifestyle? Or is it another fad?


Protein Pancakes

I woke up on Sunday with a massive dilemma. I had an immediate urge to eat something stodgy and appetising, but the sun beating through the curtains also made me want to get active.

So after I smashed my kettlebells, and before I ventured into the garden to battle the weeds, I reached out to the realms of the internet and found various recipes for protein pancakes. As I didn’t have the ingredients any particular recipe, I decided to make my own and they were delish! So I’m now putting my recipe out there for others to enjoy.


Blueberry and Chocolate Protein Pancakes


35g porridge oats (I use Scots Rough Porage Oats)
1 scoop protein powder (I use My Protein Impact Whey Isolate in Smooth Chocolate)
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg white
1 tablespoon Greek Yoghurt (I use low fat but full fat is just as good)
Splash of milk (I use Kara Coconut milk but cows milk is fine)
Blueberries or another type of berry. Chopped banana might work too!
Coconut oil (I use Organic Coconoil because its amazing but you could use a little butter. Just make sure it’s proper butter from grass fed cows!)


Put the porridge oats in a food processor and whizz them until they’re finely milled. Put them in a bowl with the protein and baking powder and add the wet ingredients. Mix until its all combined. Mine was lumpy but its just the oats.

Add the fruit and give a gentle stir so you don’t break it up too much.

Heat coconut oil in a pan and spoon in the batter. This makes about three good sized pancakes. Cook them until the bubbles appear then flip them for another minute or so.

Layer them up with more Greek yoghurt, fruit and maple syrup if you’re feeling naughty!

These pancakes can be made with most types of protein. Please add comments below if you make any different flavour combinations!

My next flavour will involve peanut butter…

Until then, stay strong and eat clean!

New Year, New You

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic festive period and didn’t overindulge too much like I did. Traditional Boxing Day trifle went down a treat this year, just like every other year before it, and the wine carafe was always full, just like every weekend before it since 2005.

I bet my right arm (and you can keep it, because I hate my bingo wings) that everyone is having a health kick this January. Are you weighing your Special K and counting the calories in your morning coffee? Yeah, you’re on a health kick. It’s either one of your New Years resolutions or you’re just trying to ease back into the way life was before buy one get one free mince pies in Asda. And I’m no different. I too am on a health kick, but a different kind of health kick than usual.

Pushing yourself too hard can reverse the desired outcome.

Studies have shown that most people break their healthy New Years resolutions by January 5th. Any diet resolution which forces you to eat peanut butter out the jar at 1am on a Thursday morning is not a great resolution, and the reason why most people are forced to break their resolutions is because they are unrealistic. If you set yourself a booze free January then you’re just going to end up sucking chocolate liquers and crying into your cranberry juice. A better way to ensure you are becoming healthier is to make it gradual. Instead of a booze free month, go for four booze free days a week, or only drink at weekends. Immediately the goal is achievable and it is still bringing you a little bit closer to good health.

Another resolution which is high on most people’s charts is the ‘I’m going to the gym every day after work and I’m gonna be so buff’. So you sign up on a £50 a month contract for a year and jog to the gym in your new lycra ready to sweat. But come the end of your second week, you’re exhausted, malnutritioned and you’ve gained 3lbs. Oh, did you hear that? It was the sound of a cork popping on a bottle of wine. Bang! Two resolutions broken in week two. Common knowledge with us humans is that if we over exert ourselves into something then we soon bore ourselves of it and lose interest completely. If you’re going to join a gym, then start by going three times a week for about an hour and eating a good diet to justify the gym. If you overdo it, you’ll quit. And the weight gain will be because you’ve gained muscle, your body thinks you’re starving because you’re over working it and not eating enough, you’re retaining water, you’re menstruating or you haven’t pooped since Christmas Eve. Three times a week, that’s all you need to do to make a difference to your physical health.

And the same goes for your diet. Don’t restrict your calories too much, because most likely you’ll be cutting your intake from the past two weeks by over two thirds which will instantly tell your body it’s starving and your body will instantly try to store everything you eat. Be sensible. Instead of eating cabbage soup for a month, which lets face it, will only last until Monday lunchtime, just cut the crap. Sweets, desserts, starchy carbs like bread and white pasta and fizzy drinks, or even one or two of these will make a difference to your health and you’re much more likely to stick to the plan.

So although I’m sitting here sipping on a small glass of Chianti, it’s all part of my eating plan for the month, which I have been sticking to. If you want to know about said eating plan then you’ll need to read my next post. Until then, stay healthy.